Saturday, December 6, 2014

A life less ordinary.

This is another anniversary filled with busy. You just kissed me bye and ran back out to get some part of a uniform you forgot the first time we went. I am supposed to be packing our suitcases, another big change just days away, but I had to write. I had to talk about twelve years, the ones that started with two kids who giggled through their vows.

We had no clue, did we? 
But we learned. We continue learning. We have already beat lots of odds. We have fallen apart and come back together again. Sometimes I think maybe we didn't really miss all the heartache that your 20's promise you; maybe we've just been all of those relationships for one another. I've hurt you. You've hurt me. We've been hurt by things and people outside the bubble of us.

But we've also loved so big. And we've learned how to fight for this, and we are really good at it. You've taught me never to settle and to compromise, and you taught me the difference in the two. You've taught me that I am a pain in the ass sometimes, but you've made me feel like I'm worth it. You've taught me to laugh at the difficult and you've let me cry at the silly. You've taught me that God's gifts don't always come neatly wrapped. I've learned that I am capable of living without you and that I never want to. I've learned that we can hold hands and leap out of our comfort zone and come out closer for it. I've learned that all the best things in this life have to be kept and maintained with effort, not just lovely feelings.

Branden, you are an amazing husband, father, son, friend, sailor, and person. Thank you for growing up with me, doing life with me, and raising these crazy babies with me. Nowhere is as good as right next to you. I love you with my whole heart. Thank you for making this life so extraordinary.