Monday, November 11, 2013

To my girls: You don't need a man.

You two. Little princesses. Oh my gosh, how your daddy and I adore you.  This is exactly why I want you to know something:

You don't have to wait for a prince to start your adventure. I know you both. I know you down to your core, and I know that core has fire. I felt the fight in both of you even from the womb. So I say: Slay your own dragons! Find out who you are, walk your walk with God; feel that love. Let it cast away all fear. Live boldly, leap without looking, come out a little scuffed up. LIVE!

You do not need a prince, a man, a guy to have joy, peace, satisfaction; to realize all of your beauty, to embrace your flaws and grow your goodness. You really, really do not. I better not ever hear either one of you say any different, or you will get a long lecture from one fired up mommy.



Listen to me: this part is as important as the first. Sweet and wild and wonderful princesses, if you do find one you really like, and maybe even love, and maybe even join into a covenant with (I just died a little writing that)....then take all that fierceness and fire, and you love him with it. Use your fight to fight for those days when things feel as though it all may fall apart. Be sure of your beauty; I'm sure he will be, too. If he isn't...see above. Be transparent and make sure he is someone that accepts those flaws like I hope you've learned to- we all have them, but it's important to find someone who's okay with yours. Within reason and safety, be okay with his, too. Encourage one another's goodness and watch how it grows.  Be strong enough to compromise: to give and take. Be brave enough to love selflessly. Make sure you let each other know how thankful you are to get to go on this adventure together.

Not because you have to. Not because you need to. But because at some point, you decided to.

Girls, you do not, and never will, need a man. You've got God, you've got you, you've got us.

But, if you choose to to have one in your life, love him with all you have.